SHINEXとは? / “What’s SHINEX?”



We are the comprehensive manufacturer which plans, develops and offers othe services related to abrasives made out of non-woven fabric. We believe in the integrated production from producing the non-woven fabric as a base material to become abrasives in the end. In order to respond well to our improving customers, we would like to hear their opinions well. SHINEX will offer the best suggestion. We try to make products not only to respond our customers’ needs but also to offer something better and newer.

In order to continue making new products anytime!

1. 不織布の製造 / Producing non-woven fabric


Non-woven fabric is the basic material of non-woven fabric abrasives. SHINEX produces non-woven fabric in its own company. We can manage to produce a small lot of various products this way. Depending on the purpose,we suggest the most appropriate non-woven fabric. We realize the high quality products which are created from the base of various products.

2.研磨材の製造(コーティング技術) /  Producing abrasives (coating technique)


We have been improving how to coat abrasive grains equally on the fiber. We will challenge any possibilities ralize our customers’ demands.

3.加工設備の充実 / Full processing equipment


We make effort to maintain full processing equipment in order to respond to our customers’ particular demands such as orders for a small lot of various products and immediate orders. We aim to complete the process from receiving orders to shipment as fast as possible. Our system of shipping on the very day is one of the methods.

4.サービスの充実 / Satisfying services


We offer the satisfying services from our customers’ perspectives such as shipping abrasive sheets on the very day, free domestic shipping and customizable products for the customers’ needs.

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